The gardnerella causes symptoms in women and men, ranging from a stinging or itching, to a yellowish and dense discharge


The Gardnerella vaginalis is found naturally in the vagina, that is, the woman lives with her.However, under certain conditions, this bacterium can become pathogenic and be responsible for an infection. Bacterial vaginosis can appear, an imbalance of the natural bacterial flora of the vagina. It is difficult to transmit this bacteria to your male partner but not impossible, the pH of the male urethra is not suitable for the survival of the bacteria, however, it can be located at the prostate level. In case of contagion to your partner, it should receive the same treatment.



Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis consist of a gray or white discharge with a bad odor (more commonly fish smell) as well as burning when urinating and itching in the vagina. We will rarely see the presence of this bacterium without the presence of symptoms.


To treat Gardnerella vaginalis and bacterial vaginosis, one-shot antibiotics are administered. Another alternative and equally effective treatment is the direct administration of ovules. The creams are increasingly less used because of their low vaginal penetration rate. To prevent infections by this bacterium in general, you must have a very careful intimate hygiene and we will use soft and neutral soaps. Always avoiding aggressive washing so as not to eliminate healthy bacteria from the vaginal flora. The use of the buffer is described as one of the main ways for this bacterium to appear. Other influential factors could be the use of very tight underwear or pants, or even the use of cotton underwear. Of course, unprotected sex can make both this and after bacteria appear in our vaginal area.

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