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Candida or candidiasis is a yeast colloquially called fungus, present in healthy people, but due to agents such as detergents, showers, or hormonal changes, can cause alterations in the vaginal flora of women, causing the cells of Candida to rebound.

There are many factors that can cause the appearance of Candida in the body of the woman, most of them caused by a functional decrease of our immune system: diabetes, mononucleosis, stress or even taking antibiotics can cause the appearance of this fungus.


Candidiasis causes symptoms in women and men, ranging from a slight stinging or itching, to a whitish and dense discharge. In the case of women, it can sometimes be confused with the symptoms caused by bacterial vaginosis.

Being a fungus, it can not only be found in the reproductive organs of men and women, but also can develop into skin, oral level or even be located in internal mucous membranes could be the pharynx. It is rare that a Candida infection can have complications, as long as the patient does not have problems with their immune system.

Many times, cases of candidiasis do not require a confirmatory test since the symptoms are very typical and recognizable, but in case of doubt, in our medical center we have a rapid test that can tell us if your symptoms are due to this infection. mushrooms.


The treatment is usually a single dose of an antifungal or the administration of vaginal suppositories, both really effective. These treatments along with other hygienic measures will make the symptoms disappear almost immediately. Anyway, the doctor can prescribe a longer antibiotic if it is a more complex case. For cases of acute infection, if you have had recent sexual contacts, we always recommend that your partner or couples receive the same treatment, whether it is male or female.