It is more than known that today and unfortunately, the number of diagnosed cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Spain only makes it increase, but is the diagnosis always correct? As a specialized clinic and in which we exclusively treat Sexually Transmitted Diseases, throughout the year we see many patients, who come with cases such as:

  • One of my partners has been told that he has Gonorrhea and I want treatment.
  • A doctor who visited me in another center told me that I have Chlamydia without any tests and I come for treatment.
  • I was recently diagnosed with Gonorrhea and given an antibiotic, but the symptoms persist.
  • I have urethral symptoms from days ago and the antibiotics they gave me are not doing anything to me.

Cases like these or similar ones are frequently seen in our centers, and the truth is that we are surprised by the number of cases that have been misdiagnosed, or even by making a concrete and effective diagnosis (that is, by carrying out the appropriate tests to reach the adequate treatment), or for not administering the correct treatment, which are updated year after year in the international guidelines. There are already several cases patients who come to our center demanding or wishing to receive treatment for the disease “X” which, after consulting and performing the relevant tests, we observed that it was not the diagnosis for which they came initially. Another of the cases that we frequently observe is that, after the good performance of a diagnosis by another doctor outside our center, the patient explains that he has received a treatment that, according to international guidelines, is not adequate (or sometimes it even comes close to no treatment for urinary tract infections).

That is why in our center, from long ago and sharing experiences with colleagues in the sector, we always say the same, not all urethral infections are by gonorrhea or chlamydia or all antibiotics act in the same way. This problem, probably due to causes such as health cuts, the lack of means or time in some centers or simply ignorance in this field, is starting to be a serious problem since you are not only endangering the health of the person who suffers from the symptoms (and their sexual partners) but also the increasingly common resistance to certain antibiotics.

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