These tests will only be done after having checked your sexual health and having ruled out any Sexually Transmitted Disease.
PSA is the typical antigen of prostate cancer, it causes symptoms that could be confused with an STD, such as pain when urinating or ejaculating, difficulty in starting or ending the urine or pain in the lower back. This test is not definitive, as PSA levels are sometimes increased by other factors, such as a simple inflammation of the prostate, or prostatitis, caused by another bacterium.
Prostate cancer affects more and more men, 1 in 7 below 40 years.
The BTA, indicates the tumor markers of the bladder, also confused with some Sexually Transmitted Disease. Despite causing urination problems such as pain, stinging or interrupted urination, bladder cancer often causes blood in the urine, turning it into a dark orange, or even reddish.

These two tests are not definitive, and in case of having a positive result before any of them, it will always be convenient to check the results with others much more specific and refer to a specialist.

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