A new HIV case in San Francisco is confirmed for a person undergoing PreP treatment. Like the rest of the cases diagnosed, the transmission and transmission of HIV is directly related to the resistance offered by some individuals to the antiretrovirals that make up PrEP.

This new case was diagnosed to a homosexual person who was taking the medication during 13 months, HIV negative confirmed at the beginning of the treatment and in his later follow-ups. The man gave a NEGATIVE result for antibodies but a POSITIVE result for the Viral Load test, after an exhaustive analysis it was confirmed that this individual presented a series of mutations that directly affected the resistance of emtricitabine, one of the components of the PReP. Thanks to these data and those collected from the original source of infection, it was found that the person who infected the patient was HIV positive without treatment and, curiously, also had the same genetic mutation.

Despite not being good news, the percentage of cases diagnosed against people with PreP treatment is really low.

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