After the first case registered in Berlin, a second person could have been cured of HIV. The data have yet to be confirmed by the researchers of the Bonaventura Clotet team at Irsicaixa and the University College of London. They are the ones who have achieved that after 18 months without medication, there is no trace of the acquired immunodeficiency virus.

HIV from the “London Patient”, whose name and age remain unknown, began his remission as a result of a bone marrow transplant whose objective was to treat a lymphoma that he also suffered. The case is almost identical to that of Timothy Brown, known in medical circles as “Patient of Berlin”, who since 12 years ago became the first declared patient officially cured of HIV.

We have a second case and this second case has allowed us to better understand the mechanisms and that this must necessarily reactivate the possibilities of a future with healing, with these techniques or with others, but we know that the remission of HIV is possible, since the use of of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in both cases has been totally different. The researchers of Irsicaixa have been in charge of searching, with the most precise techniques, possible reservoirs of the virus that may be hidden and, for the moment, they have not found anywhere, although they want to be prudent This Tuesday the results are published in the journal Nature.

Transplantation is a risky procedure, therefore, it can not be a general cure for AIDS, but it can give clues to researchers, as explained by the co-author of the study, Xavier Martínez Picado. And although it is unlikely that bone marrow transplants will be established as a treatment for HIV because of the high risk involved, the use of similar immune cells could be considered, experts say.

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