Specialized Medical Center in Barcelona



We carry out 3 types of tests to detect the COVID-19

1) Rapid Antibody Test: This test detects IgG and IgM:
IgG antibodies determine if the person has been infected with COVID in the past and currently has immunity.
IgM antibodies are those that the body develops when we are in the acute phase of an infection, so they will determine if the person currently has the virus.
Your window period is approximately 12-15 days.
It is a qualitative test: it tells us if there is presence / absence of the virus.
It is done by finger puncture.
Results in 15 minutes.
No indication is necessary before performing the test, you can eat and drink normally.

2) Serology: This test also detects IgG and IgM.
It also detects IgG and IgM but in this case the values it gives us are quantitative, that is, if there is presence or absence of antibodies and in what quantity.
The main difference with the rapid test is that it is done by drawing blood and sent to the laboratory.
The results are in less than 48 hours.
12-15 day window period.
No indication is necessary before performing the test, you can eat and drink normally.

3) PCR-RT: This test is a photograph of the person, it tells us if the virus is present in the incubation period or in the first 8/9 days.
It is performed by means of a nasopharyngeal smear, a sample is collected from the nasal passages and the pharynx to find the RNA of the virus.
Results in less than 48 hours.
Results can be in Spanish or English, as needed.
Window period of approximately 5 days.

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