After a survey conducted on the street by the Pyrena Medical Center, the answers received were the following:

1- What symptoms are the most common in both Gonorrhea and Chlamydia?

32% Urethral Secretion and Urethritis

28% Fever, Nausea and Vomiting

15% itching when urinating

15% Ulcers and red spots

10% All answers are correct

2- Which of these STDs can be spread through oral sex?

50% included HIV as a route of transmission by oral sex

27% Answered either Gonorrhea or Chlamydia or Syphilis, but not all

25% included Hepatitis B as a route of transmission by oral sex

25% answered that all were transmissible by oral sex

3% answered correctly being Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

3- What is the most common STD in Spain?

HPV 67%

Chlamydia 15%

HIV 13%

Gonorrhea 5%

4- Tell us about the fact that ETS the use of condoms is ineffective.

80% answered that the use of condoms manetnía out of all ITS

15% said that only against HIV or Hepatitis

5% Papilloma Virus

5- With which of the following situations is the risk greater than contracting HIV?

43% Vaginal Sex

57% Anal Sex

6- Which of the following STDs can remain in your throat without producing symptoms, but can infect other people?

3% answered Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Syphilis

22% Gonorrhea or Chlamydia

17% Trichomonas

10% HIV

8% Mycoplasma

40% Do not know / Do not answer

7- What bacteria can not be detected in a normal laboratory culture?

53% Mycoplasma Genitallium

17% E.Coli

15% Chlamydia

15% Gardnerella

8- What STD can cause a painless ulcer on the genitals?

72% Papilloma Virus

8% Molluscum contagiosum

8% Genital Herpes

7% Syphilis

5% Chlamydia

9- After a risk contact, how long is the minimum time to get an HIV test?

35% Within the first 72h

35% 10 days

15% 4 weeks

10% 3 months

5% 6 months

10- How many types of Papilloma Virus do they exist?

65% 50 types

25% 100 types

10% 10 types

11- How often do you make a review about ETS?

Never 80%

Once a year, 20%

12- Have you ever contracted an STD?

87.1% NO

10% Believe that sometimes, yes, but they are not sure

2’9% YES

After observing the results of the survey conducted at street level, in Pyrena Medical Center, we reached the following conclusions:

  • The ETS that sounds more or more concern involves is definitely HIV, but in parallel, it is also one of the most misinformation.
  •  Thanks to the media and social networks, the Human Papilloma Virus has become one of the ETs that most sounds (especially in women), even reaching limits in which there is an excess of concern.
  • The general disinformation about the symptoms and transmission routes of the main ETS in Spain is more than contrasted after the survey.
  • This misinformation means that, on the other hand, sexually active people, apart from not having the proper precautions, do not take into account their sexual health when carrying out periodic analyzes, even many of them thinking, that in a normal analysis, if they had any Sexually Transmitted Disease they would appear in a routine analysis.
  • Some of the respondents claimed to have had some symptoms after risky sexual contact, but never gave a specific diagnosis.

These surveys not only help us to know what is the educational level of our patients or the general population, but also makes us think that there really is a problem in this society about education and sexual culture. The use of condoms has always been instilled in us since very young, but mainly and almost exclusively focused on the issue of pregnancies. It is rare for us to listen to lectures or conferences in schools that deal in depth with the risks that may arise from maintaining relationships. without protection.

In Pyrena Medical Center, we not only diagnose and treat all those infections related to a risky sexual act, but also, in turn, our main task is to inform our patients of all the risks they are carrying out and how to avoid them in a Next future. The work in our center is not only in the medical part, but also, our specialists constantly help all those who need to be educated and aware, either in person, email or phone. We help people from all over the country and most importantly, we always do it as understandably as we can, and above all and most importantly, without judging anyone.

Some of the respondents already knew our center either by word of mouth, or because at some point in their life they have needed to do some search on a topic related to Sex Education, this makes us proud but at the same time we are aware that there is still a long way to go. We are glad to know that little by little, we are contributing and putting our grain of sand, not only at the medical level but at the educational level.

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