Centro Médico Pyrena has been selected for a small study in statistical form whose main theme is HIV. This totally anonymous study, with no intention of promoting any product, will be carried out through the IQVIA Organization, a world leader in information and technology services for the health sector, promoting health care, accelerating progress and overcoming the challenges they appear in the sector.

As a world leader in data protection and information privacy, IQVIA uses fully anonymized data to conduct studies that increase knowledge about diseases and treatments in clinical practice. This helps biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, medical researchers, public administration, funders and others interested in advancing health to identify unmet treatment needs and understand the efficacy and value of pharmaceutical products to improve health outcomes in general.

The study focused on the following data:

Study patients with HIV in Spain, deepening undiagnosed patients and their most common profiles,:

  • Understand the type and number of people attending the center.
  • Understand how the center manages patients infected with HIV and the link with the National Health System.
  • Know the management of the HIV test to estimate the number of people infected with HIV.

This survey was completely anonymous, providing statistical data such as sex, age, type of sex practiced, type of test performed, number of patients, Chemsex practitioners or the usual practice with sex workers, among other data.

At the Pyrena Medical Center, we always try to be at the forefront of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, providing all the necessary data, not only for its treatment and prevention, but also for the awareness of the population on foot.

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