Today there is a great misinformation about different medications against HIV, so, let’s clarify a little the difference between adding a translation to Catalàre PREP and PEP:

PREP: Their acronyms come from pre-exposure prophylaxis, that is, doses should be taken every day before a possible risk contact. This medication is indicated for people who do not have HIV and who either live with a positive HIV person, have sex with people whose HIV status is unknown or they share drug injection equipment. The prep can reduce the risk of contagion by a sexual relationship of risk by 90% and 70% of the risk for the exchange of needles for drugs.

PEP: Means prophylaxis after exposure, this medication should be taken 72 hours after a possible contagion. It is indicated in people who do not have HIV and have been exposed to a relationship of risk, sexual aggression, accidental puncture or the exchange of needles in drugs.

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