Consists of taking an anti-HIV drug called Truvada in order to reduce reducing the possibility of contracting the HIV virus

What is PREP?

The term PrEP comes from the acronym “Pre-exposure Prophylaxis” and consists of taking an anti-HIV drug called Truvada in order to reduce reducing the possibility of contracting the HIV virus. The data and studies carried out show that by using PrEP the risk of contracting HIV through unprotected sex is around 90% and up to 70% for the use of injectable drugs.


The use of PrEP has been authorized in Spain by the Agency for Medicines and Health Products, but without the necessary funding, at the moment it is highly regulated and only some centers can prescribe it.
Being so limited, only those who meet certain requirements can receive PrEP:


  • Being seronegative but having a continuous sexual relationship with a positive partner.
  • Homosexual or bisexual men who have had anal intercourse without protection or who have been diagnosed with an STD in the last 6 months.
  • Heterosexuals who do not use condoms regularly during sexual intercourse with couples whose HIV status is unknown.
  • People who have used injectable drugs in the last 6 months, sharing needles or who work or have been in a treatment program against drug use in the last 6 months.


You have to know that it is a medication that must be taken every day without exception, otherwise, its effectiveness is reduced, and therefore the risk of contracting HIV is much greater. Sometimes some patients have shown that during the process of using PrEP have noticed nausea or even vomiting, but these effects are not serious and also, eventually disappear after a while.

Although the risk of contracting HIV is very small, it will be highly recommended that you take the control tests every 3 months. In addition, we must emphasize that this drug does not cover other diseases, so whenever you can, perform a checkup that includes other STIs such as Hepatitis B and C, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Syphilis.

During the studies carried out, there were some cases, very few, in which the continued use of PrEP affected the kidneys, so it is always advisable that you look at least your levels of Creatinine and Renal Function.

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