This has been the main theme in the X National Congress of GeSIDA, where today PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) is not available in Spain in a regulated manner, but it is more than known that many of its users get it illegally, especially through Internet pages. Julia del Amo, co-president of the Congress and secretary of the National Plan on AIDS, has assured that the regulated establishment of the pre-exposure prophylaxis “is a priority of the work team and I can express commitment in the establishment of all preventive measures, and not only of PrEP “. He has also stressed that they can not talk about deadlines” because it would not be realistic “but pointed out that from Health” is working on it “.

Dr. Santiago Moreno, states that in Spain the goal is met when receiving treatment and that 95% of patients diagnosed have an undetectable load, that is, can not transmit the virus. However, the problem comes with that percentage of people who have not yet been diagnosed, which is around 18% of cases.

According to official data, in Spain live between 130,000 and 160,000 people infected with HIV of which 18 percent are unaware that they are. According to Santiago Moreno, co-president of the Congress, today the greatest concern lies precisely in that 18% of people still undiagnosed, and that problem is only solved by instilling and educating people the importance of testing not only after a contact risk, but routinely as a check.

Finally, this meeting aims to serve to raise awareness that the problem of HIV is not resolved. “We do not stop talking about progress and that it has become a manageable chronic disease but every day we diagnose new cases of HIV and this should not happen with the tools and knowledge we have,” said Moreno.

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