Fungal infections are not always a consequence of a sexual act, but we should not consider it as a sexually transmitted infection. Your symptoms may vary from a whitish film around the reproductive system, such as a reddening of either the glans or the vagina.
Its treatment is very simple and very effective, but we should never consider all the fungi in the same way, and therefore their treatment will vary from one case to another, being possible the administration orally or in the form of creams.
The papilloma virus is a Sexually Transmitted Disease caused by a virus of the family of the Papilomaviridae. Today is the most infected STD in the world, but not by it is the most dangerous. There are more than 100 types of viruses, but only 2 types (16 and 18) are responsible for more than 70% of uterine cancer cases. Both men and women can be infected in the same way by this virus and, in addition , many cases have already been described in which a strain of high risk has ended up evoking cancer of the pharynx, rectum or penis.With this, in case of receiving a positive result for a high risk strain, you should have a follow-up on any cellular change, since, in case of appearing some type of cancer, it may take several years to appear.
Much less known than Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, but no less important, as today more cases of urethritis caused by this bacterium than by Gonorrhea are diagnosed.
It is very important to know how to differentiate this disease from gonorrhea and chlamydia because their treatment is very different since their symptoms are often confused because they are very similar and can be located in the same places: genitals, rectum and throat.
Its symptoms vary from a simple inflammation of the urethra to a purulent discharge.
Trichomoniasis, unlike many other STDs, is usually located in reproductive systems, that is, oral sex should not be considered as a way to spread this disease.
Many people infected with Trichomonas have no signs or symptoms, but if they cause them, they can range from mild irritation to discomfort when urinating, or alterations in secretions. The symptoms can appear after 4 weeks have elapsed after the risk contact and disappear for no reason.
Trichomoniasis can be cured with a single dose of antibiotic in the form of a pill and should be administered to both the infected and their sexual partner.
It is a disease caused by the Epstein Barr virus and really contagious. Known as the kissing disease, because it is transmitted through saliva, either in the form of kisses or even in the exchange of a glass.

This disease is not considered an STD as such, but it can lead to confusion after sexual contact by having symptoms that may resemble those of HIV and very similar to those of influenza: fever, malaise, inflammation of the lymph nodes, sweating or generalized pain

That is why, in our medical center we have a rapid test for the active detection of this virus, which will be carried out whenever any contagion of a sexual nature has been ruled out, and you can have your result in just 15 minutes.

There is no treatment as such for this disease, but support measures, such as rest and good hydration and take some drugs to relieve fever and malaise such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

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