In our center we can carry out all kinds of occupational medical examinations in Barcelona City, to guarantee the health of workers.

The Occupational Risk Prevention Law (LPRL) establishes in its article 22 that the employer will guarantee the surveillance of the health of its workers. According to this law, an occupational medical examination is essential when there is a legal provision that establishes it, always depending on the specific risks and activities of special danger that the job requires.

At Pyrena Medical Center we carry out all kinds of occupational medical examinations to guarantee the health of workers. Our center complies with all the regulations established in the Law on Protection of Occupational Risks and with the protocols established by the Ministry of Health.

Occupational medical examinations are used to assess the employee’s health status. A complete analysis is carried out to assess the aptitude and suitability of the person for the job.
The examinations we carry our consist of the following tests:
– General clinical examination: occupational and clinical anamnesis, height, weight, body mass index, etc.
– Clinical examinations: ophthalmologist, cardiovascular, respiratory, otorhinolaryngologist, osteoarticulate, abs, dermatological and examination of the nervous system.
– Complementary examination: blood pressure, heart rate, audiometry, vision control, spirometry and electrocardiogram.
– Biological tests: blood and urine tests.

At Pyrena Medical Center we adapt to your needs and offer a comprehensive and professional service.

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    At Pyrena Medical Center you can take the COVID19 test without an appointment, contact us.

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