As good experts in the field and always at the forefront of the world of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, at Pyrena Medical Center we are always searching and inquiring, whether through scientific journals, the Internet, conferences, studies, etc., so as not to get lost. No detail about the medical news dedicated to this field.

A few days ago, we were surprised by many people from different media about the increase in cases of certain STDs, here are some examples:

  • THE CASES OF GONORREA AND SYPHILIS ARE SHOT IN BALEARIC: The Ministry of Health detected in 2017 a total of 485 people infected with gonococcal infection, which is 66% more than the previous year. Also, 207 cases of syphilis were diagnosed, with an increase of almost 18%.
  • THE CASES OF GONORREA ARE SHOT IN ARAGON WITH 176 PATIENTS A YEAR: In addition, in recent years, syphilis has gone from assuming about 20 or 30 cases a year in Aragon, to greatly exceed the hundred patients.
  • THE GONORREA CONTAGIOS ARE SHOT IN SALAMANCA FOR THE LACK OF PREVENTION: It is the province with the most cases of Castilla y León and the specialists point to the university population: the majority of infections are concentrated in young people between 20 and 24 years old.

These are just a few examples that we have been able to find in the headlines circulating on the network. They are really worrying data, but they make us question certain things, such as:

  • If the increase in the cases diagnosed and confirmed is related to a better management and diagnosis by the medical party.
  • If the fear of HIV has been lost due to the new medications and this causes the increase in STIs.
  • If there is still a lot of awareness at the population level on the subject of Sexual Health.
  • If the applications to bind causes a greater libertinism on a sexual level.
  • Is it simply that today we have access to more information on this topic?

There are many doubts that arise when one reads and verifies that Sexually Transmitted Diseases are becoming a major problem among ordinary men, luckily we can see how our patients have more and more information on the subject and in spite of that we continue to diagnose many infections daily, copper-wise at the bacterial level, that level of information they have, helps to prevent infections or future infections.

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