The British health service has informed the WHO of two independent cases of contagion of a gonococcal infection extremely resistant to antibiotics

Alert in the public health of Great Britain for the contagions of gonorrhea on the island of Ibiza. The British government has detected a gonococcal infection (gonorrhea) extremely resistant the vast majority of antibiotics known in two infections whose origin place it in Ibiza, this fact has triggered an alert to prevent the expansion of this multi-resistant strain.
The first case detected, according to the Infectious Disease Service of Hospital Misericordia in Córdoba (Argentina), is about a heterosexual woman who went to the British medical services in October 2018, and explained that she had been in Ibiza, where she had had contacts Sex with compatriots. The second case detected also concerns a heterosexual woman who went to the British health services in November of last year and said that she had had a sexual relationship with a Briton who had been in Ibiza from June to September.

Both cases of gonorrhea were treated with the usual medication and established by international guidelines, but the bacteria was not completely eliminated. It was also resistant to other antibiotics theoretically effective against said bacteria such as cefixime, penicillin, ciprofloxacin and tetracycline, obtaining the same result.

Fearing an epidemic of gonococcal infection, the Public Health of England established an incident management team by which, basically, it was to locate all the sexual contacts that the two affected women had with other men after their infection. For the British health service there is an epidemiological link between sexual encounters and British citizens who have traveled and Ibiza, so Britain has informed Spain about these cases.

This public health alert, as explained by the Epidemiology Service, has also reached the Can Misses Hospital, although apparently the hospital laboratory does not have an isolated N. gonorrhoeae XDR strain that exhibits the resistance pattern detected in Great Britai

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