We treat Hepatitis of viral origin and especially the three most common types: A, B and C


The term Hepatitis literally means “inflammation of the liver” and can be caused by many reasons, but in our center we treat Hepatitis of viral origin and especially the three most common types: A, B and C.


It is commonly said that its transmission is basically due to contaminated water or due to lack of hygiene, but it is well known that the presence of this virus is mainly fecal, that is, in the faeces, with which, sexually, its transmission is basically fecal-oral This does not mean the ingestion of feces, but in practices such as “the black kiss” or oral sex after anal sex, it can be a route of transmission for Hepatitis A.


The symptoms are:
– Diarrhea together with abdominal pain
– Loss of appetite
– Nausea or vomiting
– Fatigue and fever


Before proceeding to the realization of this test, we must be sure if we are vaccinated or not, because although it is not mandatory, they may be because they have traveled to some countries where it is.


It is a much more common disease than people believe and with a really high infection rate. This is because the Hepatitis B virus is very resistant and virulent, being able to live outside the body for several days.


The symptoms of Hepatitis B are very confusing or even non-existent, which means that many times we will proceed to perform this test almost routinely. Although a large majority of the population has already been vaccinated, either when doing Military Service or at school.


The minimum time to perform this test is 4 weeks, and we will proceed to look at both the Antigen, that is, the virus, and the Antibodies, to know if you have already been vaccinated beforehand.


Normally it is usually the most heard and at the same time feared, since nowadays more cases of Hepatitis C than of HIV are still being diagnosed. But, it must be said that Hepatitis C is not considered a Sexually Transmitted Disease since its route of transmission is through the blood. Despite not being considered as such, in a traumatic relationship or in the presence of fresh wounds, its contagion should not be ruled out. In Spain, approximately 5% of cases diagnosed with Hepatitis C have been after sexual contact, especially in cases of anal sex or in the exchange of sexual devices.


The viral load of Hepatitis C usually increases after a few days after risk contact, and that is why our PCR test can detect it in a very short period of time.


Currently there is no early vaccine for Hepatitis C, but there are drugs for its treatment.

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