Practically three weeks have passed since the filtering scandal came to light through one of the largest social networks such as Facebook, where all types of data about the users of this application were made public, of course, without the explicit permission of these.

It seems that the data leak has not been left only in social networks, but has also reached the applications to link. The web Buzzfeed and the research company SINTEF Norway have been responsible for exposing the scandal: the Grindr app has been sharing user data with two external companies. Worst of all, it is that such personal information includes information as confidential as the result of the HIV test, or your personal health status.

Grindr with more than 3.6 million active users is a dedicated and targeted application for gay men, bi, trans and queer, which allows its users to put information about their HIV profile and the date of the last test, one of the data that the app has shared with the companies Apptimize and Localytics. But the filtration is not just there, but these are also known to have obtained data such as their mobile numbers, contacts, email addresses and even GPS location to find out where they have been, in addition to the status of their relationship -if he is single, if he has a partner-, his sexual taste, etc.

Hours after all this information is uncovered, the application to link Grindr has modified its app and will no longer be able to share the status of the HIV test among its users. Grindr has tried to justify himself by stating that data sharing is “a common practice” between mobile apps with companies such as those cited above and “under contractual terms to ensure that the highest level of confidentiality, security and privacy is achieved for the user”. Whatever the reason given by the owners of the famous App, the scandal is already real, and its users have not stopped showing their dissatisfaction with this situation.

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