The South African branch of the international humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has published today the results of a study carried out in its community project of HIV-Tuberculosis in Eshowe (South Africa) that show that the project has reached and surpassed with a wide margin the objectives set by UNAIDS of 90-90-90 one year before 2020, the reference date established by this UN agency to achieve it.

The results in the MSF project in Eshowe are 90-94-95; that is, “90% of people living with HIV know their status, 94% of them are treated with antiretroviral (ARV) and 95% of them have an undetectable viral load, which in practice means that they can not transmit the virus and they can lead a completely healthy life, “the organization said in a statement.

“We have shown that it is possible to reach 90-90-90 in an area where one out of every four people lives with HIV, that is, in one of the places with the highest rate of HIV infection in the entire country. the design, implementation and development of this project, “says the medical manager of the MSF project in Eshowe, Dr. Liesbet Ohler.

The study of MSF, carried out by its branch of epidemiological studies ‘Epicenter’, included 3,286 people aged between 15 and 59 years, and is the continuation of another study carried out in 2013 in the same region to determine which should be the priority activities of the program.

The results reveal that in these five years there has been a significant increase in the percentage of population with HIV who knows their state (an increase of 14%) and in the number of people who are under treatment with ARV (24% more in 2018 than in 2013).

Among women, the numbers are especially positive, since in 5 years there has gone from 79% of women aware of being HIV positive to 92%, and 71% of them under treatment with ARV to 96%.

Among men, although the 90-90-90 target has not yet been reached, there has been a marked increase in the percentage of people with HIV who are aware that they have the virus (68% has gone to 83% ) and also in the percentage of people who are under treatment (68% has gone to 87%).

However, those responsible take these data with caution and consider it an error “to interpret them in terms of absolute victory“, as there are still difficulties in the male population between 15 and 29 years old, according to the MSF Medical Coordinator for South Africa, the doctor Laura Trivino.

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