Chlamydia infection – a bacterium that is transmitted sexually – is one of the most common causes of infertility in women, said infectology specialist Édgar Pérez Barragán, a doctor attached to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) which after several studies, said that this infection can inflame or obstruct the fallopian tubes, making it difficult to meet the ovary with sperm.

“The bacterium causes an inflammation of the tubes and can even close it completely, so the ovary cannot meet the sperm and carry out fertilization,” Pérez Barragán said in an interview with Notimex. He indicated that, although this infection is associated with more cases of female infertility, sometimes, although to a lesser extent, it can also affect men. This is due to the fact that it inflames the duct of the testicles and favors that the sperm have a shorter half-life or have deformations, which does not fulfill their mission, which is to fertilize.

During the interview, the internist doctor said that this condition is one of the most frequent sexually transmitted infections in young people under 25, when registering in more than 10% of the sexually active population worldwide. He stressed that this infection may not show symptoms in up to 75% of women and in about 50% of men. However, when they appear in women, they appear in the form of abnormal vaginal discharge, burning or feeling of urination, as well as pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse.

Pérez Barragán said that in early stages or when there is still no severe inflammation of the fallopian tubes, fertilization can be carried out without problems, as long as it is treated in a timely manner. “Fortunately, it is a disease curable by antibiotics, if detected in a timely and timely manner, being able to avoid complications in this way or limit them from spreading. “Finally, he appealed to the general population, not only to young people, to be tested for chlamydia at least once a year, especially If you have more than one sexual partner.

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