MYTHS AND TRUTHS ABOUT COVID 19: Asymptomatic patients are not contagious: LieThere are many viruses that behave like COVID and can spread asymptomatically such as HIV or Hepatitis, and that does not make them lose the contagion capacity they have.The contagion of the...


The increase in cases of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia among the male population has not stopped increasing since 2005 in Catalonia. Many experts say that thanks to the effectiveness of current treatments it seems that the fear of contracting these diseases has been lost,...

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Walk-in COVID testing

Test COVID-19 in Barcelona without appointment, not waiting and with delivery of results the same day (in 20 minutes - 2 hours via email).
At Pyrena Medical Center you can take the COVID19 test without an appointment, contact us.

PCR Test

Serology Test

Test Antigens