A group of researchers and scientists from the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico have managed to eliminate 100% of the human papillomavirus (HPV) in 29 women of the Mexican capital, according to a statement from the institution collected by CNN. This progress has been achieved thanks to a therapy called photodynamics. The 29 treated women were carriers of the human papilloma virus, the main pathogen causing cervical and uterine cancer, of which all had premalignant lesions in the cervix.

The treatment consisted in applying a drug called aminolevulinic delta acid to the neck of the uterus, which after several chemical processes, becomes fluorescent and accumulates in the damaged cells. By being able to identify these affected cells, structures impregnated with the substance can be removed with a laser.

The study was divided into two parts. In the first part, 420 women from different parts of the country were treated, in which the treatment was applied in three doses, with an interval of 48 hours. In 85% of the cases of women who had HPV (with or without injuries) the virus was eradicated completely. In 42% of women who only had premalignant lesions, the virus was also eliminated. The second part was held in Mexico City where 29 women were treated. The latter were treated with double the concentration of delta aminolevulinic acid and they were treated in two parts over a period of 48 hours. In this stage, the result was also 100% HPV elimination in the case of carriers without lesions, and 64.3% in women with HPV and lesions and 57.2% among those who had lesions without HPV.

Unlike other treatments, it only eliminates damaged cells and does not affect healthy structures, which is why it has a great potential to reduce the death rate from cervical cancer,” said Dr. Eva Ramón Gallegos, one of the main culprits. of the study.

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