The Government has approved the Plan for Prevention and Control of Hepatitis C in Catalonia. This new project has the objective of facilitating the adoption and implementation of measures that reduce the incidence, morbidity and mortality associated with the infection caused by said virus. In addition, it is also hoped that starting in 2030 it will no longer be a serious health problem.

In this sense, the Government has indicated that it is key to efficiently address the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of any person who is affected by the disease.

Therefore, the plan includes 6 specific and priority objectives:

  • Get updated information on the epidemiology of hepatitis C in Catalonia.
  • Reduce the incidence of new infections.
  • Increase the detection of hidden infections.
  • Coordinate the organization of health care and access to new pharmacological treatments for patients.
  • Improve the degree of information and awareness about the disease within health professionals and citizens.
  • Evaluation of the Plan and Monitoring (to be defined in each service).

A key factor in the approach of Hepatitis C is to place a special focus on the populations with the highest vulnerability, in which the diagnosis must be strengthened in order to be able to approach the treatment and thus identify the new cases. as soon as possible and treat them with the greatest possible immediacy.

The groups that are most at risk of infection are those people who use drugs that share material, especially injectable, and, to a lesser extent, consumer goods for smoking or sniffing, people interned in prisons and with habitual risk practices, people who have practices risky unprotected sex, especially men who have sex with men (MSM), people who are coinfected with HIV and immigrants from countries of endemic origin.

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