Anxiety and depression disorders, as well as insomnia, are very common disorders and have a very negative impact on the quality of life of people with HIV. That is why the Hospital La Paz in Madrid and the pharmaceutical company Gilead have come together to launch a course of excellence to address this problem.

Its objective, called “Training program of excellence for the management of emotional and sleep disorders in HIV-infected patients“, is to provide clinicians, who care for HIV patients, with the necessary tools to diagnose and treat these mood and insomnia disorders in your office and thus avoid unnecessary referrals to mental health services.

The therapeutic innovation has managed to have antiretroviral treatments that provide high efficacy, few adverse effects, very simple dosage and guarantee good adherence to the treatment. Once this is achieved, it is very important to continue advancing, guaranteeing the health and quality of life of HIV patients over the years. For this, it is essential to make an adequate choice of treatment for this infection in order to minimize or prevent the appearance of alterations in the central nervous system.

According to Ignacio Pérez Valero, project coordinator, “this program, which we began to develop in October, aims to cover a need detected in the care of people with HIV infection. The program is carried out at the facilities of La Paz and which is the only hospital unit at the national level that has a specific consultation to address the management of cognitive, mood and sleep disorders that these people present. The development of this excellence plan addresses an unmet need of healthcare professionals. ” People with HIV have a prevalence of 60-70% of sleep disorders, 30-40% of emotional disorders and about 25-35% of cognitive disorders. Thus, within our consultation we carry out, in collaboration with the Seimc-Gesida Foundation, projects for the psychoeducational training of patients in the field of HIV. ”

This initiative has a theoretical training part and a practical part in which professionals know how to deal with these conditions in a specific consultation of neuropsychiatric disorders associated with the virus. The training is given by psychologists, infectologists and psychiatrists specialized in the treatment of central nervous system problems of patients with this disease.

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