The Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) has just published its vaccination calendar with recommendations for 2019, in which it differentiates which vaccines are funded in the SNS and which are not. The pediatricians applaud that the SNS has incorporated some of its recommendations, but continues to miss others.

The classification of the vaccines of the systematic calendar is maintained in two categories, according to their funding: systematic and financed funded systems.

Regarding the vaccines included and their guidelines, the most important changes and novelties regarding the field of STDs for 2019 are highlighted in blue:

Vaccination against HPV. – The committee definitely recommends this vaccine for both sexes. The new Gardasil 9 vaccine offers the most coverage.

In the calendar, vaccination continues in both men and women for Hepatitis B, as it had been compulsory since a few years ago.

Outside of the infantile calendar, but in direct relation with the protection of the smallest ones, the vaccination with Tdpa is maintained to the pregnant woman in the third trimester of the gestation and the influenza vaccination at any moment of the pregnancy, if this coincides with the season of the flu.

In Cenrena Médico Pyrena we offer both Hepatitis B vaccination and Papilloma Virus vaccination, as long as the established requirements are met. It should be noted that vaccines do not cure a disease present as many believe, but the only thing that will do is protect against future infections.

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