Australian scientists from Monash and Melbourne have conducted a study, which shows that cases of gonorrhea have continued to increase and have gone from 6,892 to 11,508 in the last five years. In 70% of cases, the disease was contagious among homosexuals, all in the context of frequent government campaigns to raise awareness about the use of condoms. For this reason, Eric Chow and his colleagues decided to test whether using a mouthwash prevent or at least reduce this excessive and worried figure.

Thus, the scientists chose 58 volunteers who tested positive for gonorrhea and divided them into two groups; some took the mouthwash and others a saline solution. In the mouth of those who took the Mint Fresco mouthwash, the population of bacteria was reduced by half, while the other group did not register a significant reduction after the one-minute mouth rinses.

This method, already available, low-cost and without a condom, can have very important implications for public health in the control of gonorrhea,” the authors conclude.

For manufacturers of such products can not catch them of surprise, since the inventors of Listerine already said, in 1879 (when it was used as an antiseptic in operating rooms, it was not sold without a prescription until 1914) that its creation could be used to cure gonorrhea .

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