The Governing Council has reached an agreement today to allocate more than 10 million euros for the acquisition of vaccines against hepatitis B in children, hepatitis A for both adults and children and for human papillomavirus (HPV) . Authorizing the conclusion of several contracts derived from the agreement with the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality regarding the supply of calendar vaccines for the last quarter of 2019 and the years 2020 and 2021.

In total, 378,400 doses will be supplied with a total investment over three years of 10,437,269 euros to meet the indications of the vaccine schedule, both in children and adults. The awarded items are 72,800 euros for 14,300 doses for hepatitis B in children, 4,844,990 euros for hepatitis A (with a total of 182,100 doses) and 5,519,404 euros for 182,000 doses for HPV.

Vaccination is a preventive measure of Public Health action on the population that aims to control and even eliminate, or at least try, certain communicable diseases. In this regard, the Community of Madrid acquires the necessary doses to routinely vaccinate all the people included in the population groups defined in the calendars as well as those groups of people included in risk groups.

The prevention of hepatitis B transmission is carried out through systematic vaccination included in the children’s calendar or by vaccinating adults who have not previously received doses. It is also recommended to adopt hygienic measures to avoid contact with blood or body fluids of the person suffering from the infection.

Hepatitis A is an inflammation of the liver caused by virus infection. At the moment there is no specific treatment, so vaccination is the main preventive measure as well as the adoption of hygienic measures. These vaccines are aimed primarily at people who have been in contact with patients infected with this disease, and for immunization in case of some international trips to places of risk.

Finally, the human papillomavirus causes one of the most frequent sexually transmitted infections. Approximately 70% of cervical cancer cases in the world are caused by two types of high-risk HPV, type 16 or 18, both included in the vaccine. The vaccine is more effective before the beginning of sexual intercourse, which is why experts advise its administration at an early age, being very important to complete the two-dose schedule.

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